Get outdoors with the OS pledge to #GetOutside

When did you last go for a proper walk? Are you one of the growing number of people in the UK becoming shy of walking? Well the OS (Ordance Survey) have launched a new campaign called #GetOutside. They what you off your sofa and out and about walking the thousands of mile of footpaths the UK countryside has to offer.

Latest research shows that a quarter of the UK public won’t walk anywhere that takes over 15 minutes. Atleast three quarters of us don’t walk to work anymore.  An amazing 70% never walk to the shops, most of these journeys are less then a 10min walk.  Only 1/3 of us will do the school run on foot which means the kids are growing up not walking! It’s not just walking for a reason that is declining, 1/3 of us admit having a weekend walk just for pleasure.

OS stats

Image above from Ordance Survey

Their are 3 main barriers to the UK public not spending time outdoors;

1. The British weather

2. Not enjoying being around lots of people.

3. Not having enough local green spaces or trails.

Well I say #GetOutside! These 3 reason for staying at home and watching to TV are rubbish. Some of the best walks I’ve had have been in the rain. Then there is the snow, who wouldn’t what to go and walk in fresh snow. WIth some proper outdoor clothing you can remain warm and dry and you don’t have to spend alot of money on gear. Whats best walking is free and great exercise!!!

I have found walk not 5 mins from my home and I can walk for an hour and not see any one, but even when I do, other walks are friendly, saying a simple hello and walking on. Ok I know if you live in a city you may struggle to find quiet paths etc, but look, explore the area around you.

The Man Outdoors Walking

The OS #GetOutside pledges to us all

To help you get outdoors the OS are pledging to publish 1 million walking routes around the UK on their new OS Maps online portal. Getting outside doesn’t need to be boring or a chore – it can be a weekly family activity, going to the local park to play with the kids or getting off the bus a stop early and enjoy the walk home from work.

Finding inspiration to #GetOutside

If you would like to #GetOutside this summer, but don’t know how to get started, visit the OS website:

They have tons of tips to help you enjoy the UK’s great outdoors, with interesting places to visit, great activities to try out and so much more.

The Man Outdoors will also give you lots of ideas to get outdoors and enjoy life.