Married Couple & Dog Looking For A New Rural Life Style Job

We are Geoff & Heidi Collett, a friendly and active couple seeking a long-term couples opportunity that will utilise our skills, call on our experience and value our diligence. We are 43/ 42 years old respectively and have no dependents, except for our small, very well trained collie dog (retired gun dog). We are available to attend interviews and to start the right position quickly.

Geoff has a great aptitude for practical tasks, is mechanically minded and loves to get his hands dirty in the garden or in the garage. He has a long-standing passion for the coast and the countryside, boats and classic cars. Geoff’s stint working with the air ambulance as a firefighter/refueler, strengthened his natural ability to act with a level head in emergency situations and unexpected circumstances. Geoff has spent a great deal of time on private shooting estates and farms throughout his private life, working closely with the owners, farmers and gamekeepers. He is extremely hands on and offers a large range of skills and experience using equipment and machinery in these environments. He also has over 25 years of IT, online and business financial experience.

Heidi is an experienced housekeeper with 4 years experience working in domestic service for private homes on rural estates. She has an eye for detail and enjoys maintaining order and attending to a variety of tasks. She excels in practical work and applies a thorough and common sense approach to all tasks undertaken. Heidi’s diverse working experiences have made her a very adaptable individual.


We are seeking a friendly family or retired couple that need an experienced and dedicated couple to oversee and maintain their property or small estate.