The hardest part of doing something interesting is getting start!

Have you ever felt trapped in a life direction you didn’t choose? Ever considered just walking away from it all and completely changing your life?

Life imposes things on us, we get court up in chasing some form of success, like saving for a deposit to buy your own home is a big milestone, but for most of use it just means being tied to a mortgage for our whole working life.

I had a job that allowed me to do all the things I want to do in life and to have the stuff I wanted, but all this didn’t give me the time that I want to be spending outdoors and seeing what this amazing world has to show us.

Once I start to look at your life more closely, I saw it was full of routine, the same things everyday that will probably make up my routine for the rest of my life.

Are these things in your daily routine really things you have choosen to do, or are they imposed on you by society and life?

We are directed by our schooling, society, culture and by advertising, to live our lives a certain way, to get a good education, get a job, pahy our bills, to have a family, to aspire to owning stuff, stuff that really we don’t need to enjoy life. The more stuff we want the money we need, the harder we have to work, the less time we get for ourselves. To me it almost feels like it has to be an approved way of life, one that friends, family and society approve of or tell us we must be following. Being woken early by an alarm clock every morning, just so that you can fit in hobbies like the gym or swimming, weekends filled with chores, cleaning and food shopping. There has to be more to life!

I’ve always had this dream of traveling, no real destination but to experience the journey, however I’ve always been frightened to pursue it. Then things happen in life, big and small that have a real impact on your health, perceptions and outlook on life and make you realise, life is so short.

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

I want to rediscover the world, visit places and understand them, feel them. When you’re just on holiday it’s a rush to visit lots of places, few hours here, few hours there. You might take a walk through a picturesque coastal village, or a wonder through a ancient forest, but do you really stop and take it in. We grab photos and these end up being our memories because we don’t have time to create memories that stick with us. You never really get to understand a place, it’s history, culture, find the secret places the locals go and not the tourists. I want to capture what it means to rediscover a place, to feel like those early adventures did when they saw a landscape for the first time or a beautiful waterfall hidden away in a valley. I want to create memories as a family, with the ones I love, both 2 and 4 legged and to create my own stories to tell later in life around a log fire.

I want to exchange my back garden for this amazing world that is out there. I want the journey to be this incredible experience to open my mind and imagination, learn new things that I would otherwise never have had the opportunity or time to learn. It maybe just a year out of “normal” life, it may turn in to a journey to find somewhere new to live, or it maybe a life changing journey that completely alters my perceptions of myself and how I live in the future.

The hardest part of doing some interesting is getting start! If we can convince ourselves to just step out of the door, then great things can happen.

Fresh air. Fun. Freedom.