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Doggy Adventures


Do you have an overwhelming desire to explore? A DNA genetic variant, known as DRD4-7R, is carried by roughly one in four of us. It's more commonly known as the Adventure Gene. #themanoutdoors

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Doggy Adventures

Don't forget your dog when heading out for an adventure!

Many dog owners don’t think about to take their dogs exploring with them, however there are plenty of dog-friendly opportunities available, so plan something unique with your 4 legged friend.

If you are thinking about taking your dog with you, remember to choose a trip that won't be too strenuous for them or dangerous. If your dog is older, has mobility issues or an injury, a short walk on the beach would be an ideal adventure. If your dog is young, active and full energy, a hiking trip or wild swimming adventure may be more there speed.

You don't even need to take time off of work to go adventuring with your dog if you can't afford to. THese dog-friendly trips can be done on weekends or days off during the week. Just make sure you've prepared your dog to endure the conditions, hot or cold, and always carry plenty of water and bowl.

Best Adventures to Have with Dogs

  • Head to the Beach
  • Go on crosscountry K9 run
  • Check out Dog-Friendly Country Parks
  • Go Boating or Paddle Boarding
  • Rent a Canoe and Hit the River
  • Go Biking with Your Pup
  • Stay in a Dog-Friendly Bed and Breakfast
  • Take a Road Trip Together, Anywhere!
    Try the Mountains for Cooler Air
    Try Camping
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