Collaboration and Marketing

I’m keen to collaboration with outdoor, clothing and tech brands, to test, review, and promote their products on my travels.

If you have a product or service that you think can help me along on my journey please please do get in contact. I us a wide range of outdoor clothing, sports clothing and equipment, camping gear and the very latest technology to assist us on our journeys. Everything I use will be in my photos and videos on a daily basis and shown to the world via social media. So if you can help out with anything from clothing and camping gear, racksacks, GPS tech, bikes, sports clothing, kayaks or any other cutting edge tech you think might help, then your products and brands will be very well supported by me.

If you are intersted in working together please feel free to email me with any proposals or ideas too [email protected]

Product Reviews: All the product and travel reviews on The Man Outdoors are 100% objective and honest. Lots of brands send samples, however I will only feature items that I really like to use or publish destinations and places that I’ve enjoyed staying in. Destinations must also be dog friendly, my dogs are my life and will always come with me, they are mans best friend after all!

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