The BioLite CampStove and USB Charger

We all love our gadgets these days, even out in the remotest of places you will almost certainly have a mobile phone or digital camera with you. Recently came across BioLight CampStoves, these are highly efficient and very portable wood burning stoves for cooking. However clipped to the side of the stove is a small orange box, this is where the magic happens!! The BioLight Stove is a true ondemand power source that will give you power day or night, come rain, sun or snow! By converting heat in the eletrical power via a standard USB port you can charge a mobile phone or other devices that would normally charge from a USB port, this could also include a digital camera, LED light or torch, backup battery for your smartphone or GPS device.

Forget the fossil fuels and carrying gas canisters, create a smokeless flame using the wood around you, the BioLight burns this extremely efficiently and after a couple of minutes with there is virtually no smoke. A small self powered electric fan feeds the base of the fire with fresh air to help increase burning temperatures and there for efficiency to extract power from the heat. Of course don’t forget, aside from the magical charging abilities, this is also a stove. With a great range of cooking grill accessories and pan holder attachments, you can cook and boil your food very quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a small, light wieght camping stock for that next weekend away or adventure in the mountains have a look at the BioLight!

The cheapest place for these is ebay – Biolight Stoves