Palm Kayak Paddle Float

The Paddle float rescue is one of the first self-rescues that many kayakers learn. The paddle float rescue or re-entry, uses an inflatable bag on the end of your paddle to act as an outrigger. This bag helps stabilize the kayak as the paddler gets back in to the kayak. The paddle float itself is a simple and is easily safety item. They can be stored under the bungee-corded to the sea kayaks deck. They are fast and easy to get in place and inflate in a few blows.

The Palm Paddle Float has been primarily designed as an aid to help kayaker re-enter and roll their kayak whist capsized in deep rough water, however they are also popular with people learning to roll a kayak also. They help to instill confidence in the paddler and gives them a second point on the water to aid float and stabilise themselves, the kayak in it’s self being the first point of stabilisation and floatation for the paddler.

The Palm Paddle float features a single air chamber and buckled strap to easily secure the paddle in place. Made from heavy duty 70D nylon with a PVC coating and constructed with a welded centre seam and reinforced edging for durability.

  • Adjustable Webbing fixing strap
  • Screw lock air valve
  • Dump Valve (for quick deflation)
  • Valve hose pocket
  • Single chamber design