Enjoy Life, Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Here are some simple ways you can enjoy your life more, starting today!

1. Focus on yourself a little more

Other people will always be around to offer up their opinions and advice however, ultimately, it’s you, and you alone, that has to live with the consequences of the decisions.

2. Making time to relax

Making time to relax and reconnecting with ourselves will leave you better equipped to deal with the more challenging periods of life down the line.

3. Avoiding the news

News is everywhere and it’s easy to get sucked into public drama’s both online and offline. Have trust that if something important happens, you will naturally find out about it. Save your energy and time and spend it on something more worthwhile!

4. Nurture the important relationships in life

Make time for those close to you, your friends and family. Identify the people who make you happy and focus your energy and time on them.

5. Meeting new people

Make a consistent effort to meet new people, this helps us fulfill the need for new ideas and perspectives.

6. Exploring new places

The world has so much to offer, places and cultures all with different perspective, they will open your mind and give you inspiration and possibility to live your life differently.

7. Keeping a wish list of things to do

Is there something you’d like to try, or a place you’d like to visit?? Well write it down and keep a list. It keeps your dream alive and stops it fading into a forgotten thought.

8. Trying new things

Challange yourself to try a certain number of items from your wish list above each month or year, this makes sure they don’t just stay as wishes but become reality.

9. Spend money on experiences, not possessions and stuff

It’s experiences, not stuff, that create memories with meaning.

10. Cut down your junk

A cluttered life equals a cluttered mind; reducing the amount of stuff around you for a calmer mental state, also.

11. Be very deliberate in all your choices you make

Life has never had so many opportunities, the choices to create a lifestyle that we truly love.  However many of us still live life on autopilot and forget that we can change our course at anytime. Be deliberate in the choices you make in life. It’s your life to live, no-one else’s.

12. Investing in yourself

Make time to better yourself, learn new things all the time, this will give you confidence in yourself and your abilities.

13. Remember too feel happy

Life throws alot of challanges at us and we forget how to enjoy a calm, “normal” life. Focus on finding pleasure in your daily experiences and look at things from outside of the box.

14. Get into nature

Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your body, and the sea at your feet. Enjoy a good dose of fresh air.

15. Speaking your mind

Many of us hold back our thoughts, opinions, and desires. We don’t want to displeasing others, however this then means we’re not being true to ourselves. Saying what you are thinking is libarating, yes you may feel uncomfortable in the short-term, however people will respect you in the long term and you will enjoy life more.

16. Capturing happy moments

Capturing photos, writing a blog or diary, drawing and painting — whatever way you love to remember things, do more of it, record those happy moments and memories of life.

17. Get fit and active

Exercises releases endorphins in to the body, natural pain-relieving and stress-relieving chemicals. A simple run or cycle, or a gentle swim, you will be amazed how they help.

18. Don’t let it slip by

Life is short, be happy not sad. One Life Live It!!